Makeup Sex

It is hard to explain, but I’m pretty sure who those who are in a stable relationship or married, make-up sex is the best. After that big fight, a reconciliation make-up sex is great and will solve it all. It does worked so well, that despite the fighting you are still happy that you have overcome the fighting and love is still intact. That is why when I feel that lack of love from my partner, I know it is wrong I deliberately create some nonsense arguing hoping to have great makeup sex. For some, you might see it as a desperate move, but I just love having makeup sex, I just feel secure in our relationship. And Yes don’t tell me that my partner will notice it and eventually become immune to that.

But I am hoping that my partner found this cute and will not care about it because he loves me. As I am curious about why makeup sex is so great, I read some online articles like the articles written by London Escorts agency, according to them it is the excitement transfer of feelings. Imagine a long day of fighting without touching your spouse or partner because you are angry at him, your feelings towards him is mostly anger, then few hours had passed you feel you missed him, then eventually you’d make up and felt aroused. Holding him or touching him in this state amplifies all your feeling into one great makeup sex according to London Escort girls. And this is worth fighting for if you ask me. Studies already proved this when Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron conducted classic bridge experiment in 1974. It explained that there is greater arousal feeling towards the girl who you feared and their fear arousal is transferred to sexual arousal.

London Escorts put it merely like watching movies, you’ve witnessed the antagonist killing the love one of the protagonist, and you feel anger towards the villain, towards the end of the movie the protagonist killed the villain and you seemingly feel a relief of happiness. This is just the same with makeup sex when you are the state of anger, then afterward missing him and eventually your anger subsides, you will feel like hugging him tightly and kissing him passionately, then sexual arouses that leads to make up sex says London escorts.

Another study explains it by comparing it to cocaine, and it does make you high, couples who are in a relationship love that momentary bliss that came from all that anger that turned to reconciliation, from hating to wrapping their arms around one another. According to London Escorts, it is important for you to remember that sex is a powerful tool, it can cause problems for some, but the very best part is reminding us nothing is worth fighting for more if you love one another. And fixing it by makeup sex is the best option.