The Best Straight Jobs for London escorts

Do you work for a London escort service? Especially if you are new to work for an escort service, you may just want to check out what the other girls do when they are not on duty with escort agency. Did you know that many of London’s hottest and sexiest escorts have other jobs as well. We come them our legit or straight jobs. It has nothing to do with what we earn at our escort agencies, it has to do with creating a cover. I am not sure that I would put five years as an escort down on a VV.


When you finally leave London escorts, it can be rather hard to find a job if you do not have any other professional experience. I can’t say that I have ever met an escort in London who stayed on in school for a long time. As a result, most of us end up doing rather silly jobs. But, like I say to new girls, the system seem to work, and so far so good. I rather like my little job. It gives me a break, I can crash in extra hours if I want to, and I get great discount and even a staff pension plan.

What are the best jobs to have? You are certainly not going to have time to work somewhere on a full time basis, so it would have to be part time. Most of the time I don’t work weekends. It is a good idea to check out what part time jobs are available in your part of London. Jobs in supermarkets tend to be good, and you will also find some larger stores look for assistant on a Saturday and Sunday.


There are some jobs which are better than others. Working on cosmetics counters is a good idea. That is exactly the sort of job that can lead to a career after you have left London escorts as well. But there are other jobs which are good. A coupe of the girls I know at our London escorts service work in fast food restaurants and in other restaurants around London. They are often the kind of establishments that need extra help during the weekend, and it pays well at the same time.


What would happen if I ran into dates from London escorts? It has already happened to me on a couple of occasions. It is not a problem and most of the time I have just explained to them what I am doing in the store, Sure, they are surprised but none of them have ever said anything to the management. The funny thing is that my relationship with these gents has become a lot better and they seem to appreciate me in a different way. Like one gent said “ you are a real person even with those looks.” Well, I guess that I am, and I will always smile at you even when  we meet over the cheese counter.